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Chicken-Asiago-Spinach Quiche

bacon, chicken, sour cream, vegetable oil, heavy cream, +asiago cheese, +eggs, +spinach, +garlic, +garlic powder, +onions, +black pepper, +pie crust, +salt, +cheddar cheese

Chicken and Mushroom Quiche

bacon, chicken, pastry dough, heavy cream, +butter, +eggs, +garlic, +green onion, +mustard powder, +salt, +mushroom, +swiss cheese

Cottage Cheese Quiche Recipe

bacon, cottage cheese, heavy cream, sour cream, +egg yolks, +flour, +white pepper, +parsley, +butter, +salt

Corn Tortilla Quiche

sausage, cottage cheese, heavy cream, +green chilies, +cheddar cheese, +chili powder, +eggs, +monterey jack cheese

Alsatian Quiche

bacon, heavy cream, pastry dough, +butter, +eggs, +parmesan cheese, +onions

Quiche Lorraine

bacon, pastry dough, heavy cream, +cayenne, +eggs, +onions, +salt, +sugar, +swiss cheese

Caramelized Onion and Bacon Mini Quiche

bacon, vegetable oil, pastry dough, +dijon mustard, +eggs, +milk, +onions

Bite Size Quiche Recipe

cottage cheese, sour cream, sausage, +eggs, +cheddar cheese, +bisquick, +salt, +butter, +green chilies

Chicken Pecan Quiche
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