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Swedish Rye Bread

water, brown sugar, bread flour, caraway seed, flour, +molasses, +yeast, +salt, +shortening

Raisin-Rosemary Rye Bread

Gwynnes Garlic and Parsley Bread

bread flour, flour, sugar, olive oil, water, +yeast, +salt, +garlic, +parsley

Basil Parmesan Bread

water, olive oil, sugar, flour, bread flour, +salt, +basil, +yeast, +parmesan cheese

Banana Oat Bread Recipe

water, banana, brown sugar, bread flour, flour, +oats, +vegetable oil, +salt, +yeast

Swedish Limpa Bread

flour, water, brown sugar, bread flour, caraway seed, +yeast, +vegetable oil, +anise seed, +salt

Banana Oat Bread #5 (Dairy Free) Recipe

bread flour, rolled oat, sugar, banana, water, +yeast, +salt, +vegetable oil, +egg substitute

Rye and Dill Bread

water, brown sugar, flour, bread flour, caraway seed, +skim milk, +salt, +dill weed, +yeast

Peanut Butter and Banana Bread

bread flour, flour, brown sugar, banana, water, +yeast, +salt, +peanut butter, +eggs
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