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Bird Seed Bread (Abm)

bread flour, yogurt, poppy seeds, water, +amaranth, +butter, +yeast, +honey, +sea salt, +sesame seed, +sunflower seed, +wheat germ, +flour

Country Seed Bread for the Bread Machine

bread flour, poppy seeds, water, +flax seed, +honey, +vegetable oil, +salt, +sesame seed, +flour, +yeast

Blueberry cream bread - bread machine

yogurt, bread flour, water, +preserves, +blueberries, +salt, +sour cream, +yeast

Banana Oat Bran Bread Recipe

bread flour, poppy seeds, banana, water, +yeast, +flour, +oat bran, +nutmeg, +salt, +molasses, +honey
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