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Salsa Fresca (Fresh Tomato Salsa) Recipe

jalapeno, green onion, garlic, lime, +tomato, +cilantro, +salt

Salsa Fresca (Fresh Tomato Salsa)

garlic, jalapeno, lime, green onion, +black pepper, +cilantro, +tomato

Tomato Salsa

basil, garlic, cumin, jalapeno, lime, roma tomato, +cilantro, +parsley, +green pepper, +honey, +red onions, +red pepper flakes, +white wine vinegar

Jill's Salsa

cumin, garlic, green onion, jalapeno, lime, +cilantro, +olive oil

A Salsa Cruda (Raw or Fresh Salsa)

roma tomato, garlic, cumin, +cilantro, +salt, +onions

Fresh Salsa

cumin, garlic, jalapeno, green onion, +cilantro, +tomato, +lime juice, +salt, +tomato sauce

Fresh Tomato Salsa With Cumin

garlic, cumin, jalapeno, roma tomato, +cilantro, +lime juice, +red wine vinegar, +salt, +onions

Fresh No Cook Salsa

garlic, cumin, jalapeno, roma tomato, +tomato, +cilantro, +onions, +salt, +serrano pepper, +white vinegar

Garden fresh salsa

garlic, roma tomato, italian dressing, jalapeno, +onions, +cilantro, +sugar, +salt, +lime juice, +tomato sauce
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