How to Cook Anything

Garden-Fresh Herb Scones

olive oil, basil, salt, garlic, oregano, +parmesan cheese, +yogurt, +flour, +eggs, +baking powder, +chives, +black pepper, +lemon juice

Fresh Vegetable Saute With Pasta

garlic, pasta, vegetable oil, salt, oregano, +celery, +carrot, +onions, +green pepper, +zucchini, +tomato, +black pepper, +sugar

Fresh Herb Scones

Grandma's Minestrone

basil, oregano, garlic, olive oil, pasta, salt, +green pepper, +carrot, +celery, +tomato, +eggplant, +chickpeas, +kidney bean, +onions, +tomato sauce, +water, +zucchini
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