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Zesty Home Fries

black pepper, parsley, bacon, +potato, +italian dressing, +red onions, +cheddar cheese

Down Home Cabbage Soup Recipe

black pepper, half and half, parsley, bacon, +butter, +cabbage, +carrot, +chicken broth, +flour, +garlic powder, +mushroom, +onions, +sausage, +celery, +salt

Bacon and Egg Lasagna

bacon, half and half, eggs, black pepper, +flour, +lasagna noodle, +onions, +salt, +swiss cheese

Brit's Cheesy Onion Home Fries

black pepper, parsley, +butter, +onions, +potato, +salt, +cheddar cheese

Bacon 'n' Egg Lasagna

bacon, parsley, eggs, black pepper, +flour, +lasagna noodle, +milk, +onions, +parmesan cheese, +salt, +swiss cheese

Cheddar & Bacon Mushroom Cakes

bacon, black pepper, eggs, parsley, +cheddar cheese, +cream cheese, +chives, +garlic, +breadcrumbs, +mushroom, +onions, +salt

Broiled Home Fries
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