How to Cook Anything

Fresh Chopped Salsa

garlic powder, green onion, tomato, vegetable oil, +green chilies, +black pepper, +chili powder, +salt, +sugar

Egg with Tomatoes: Chinese home-style

green onion, vegetable oil, tomato, +cornstarch, +eggs, +olive oil, +rice vinegar, +salt

Sweet Potato Home-y Fries

vegetable oil, green onion, +potato, +sweet potato, +paprika, +kosher salt, +garlic, +shallot

Breakfast Home Fries Recipe

garlic powder, vegetable oil, +fried onions, +onion powder, +parsley, +black pepper, +potato, +salt

Home Canned Pizza Sauce

tomato, vegetable oil, garlic powder, +hot peppers, +basil, +salt, +tomato paste, +onions, +red pepper, +oregano, +sugar

Brazilian Beer Marinated Chicken

caraway seed, dijon mustard, beer, vegetable oil, +chicken, +cilantro, +ginger, +black pepper, +garlic, +green pepper, +kosher salt, +lime, +onions, +paprika, +butter
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