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Cast Iron Home Fries

red pepper, spanish onions, vegetable oil, +butter, +jalapeno, +red potatoes, +black pepper, +yellow bell pepper

Rosy Home Fries Recipe

vegetable oil, red pepper, +beets, +onions, +cilantro, +black pepper, +potato, +salt

Oven Fries

red pepper, vegetable oil, +potato, +salt, +sugar

Chicken Chili Burgers

chicken, vegetable oil, red pepper, +chili sauce, +hamburger bun, +lettuce, +red onions, +cheddar cheese

Butter Chicken With Rice And Poppadoms Recipe

vegetable oil, red pepper, chicken, +zucchini, +sugar, +coriander, +yogurt, +spring onion, +tandoori paste

Home Grill Barbecue

chicken, vegetable oil
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