How to Cook Anything

Christina's Steak Fries with Cheese Sauce

parmesan cheese, potato, salt, +black pepper, +shortening

Parmesan Steak "Fries"

parmesan cheese, potato, salt, +vegetable oil, +nonstick cooking spray

Dinner Home Fries

Oven French Fries

potato, salt, butter, +paprika, +vegetable oil

Low-Calorie Mock French Fries

potato, salt, parmesan cheese, +egg whites, +cajun seasoning

Low Calorie Baked French Fries

potato, parmesan cheese, salt, +egg whites, +oregano

Cheesy Micro Fries

parmesan cheese, potato, butter, +garlic salt, +paprika

Oven Fries

potato, butter, salt, +paprika, +black pepper
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