How to Cook Anything

Seasoned Grilled Fries

vegetable oil, cumin, +chili powder, +potato, +kosher salt

Mexican Zucchini Oven Fries

cumin, vegetable oil, +chili sauce, +oregano, +seasoning, +zucchini

South Texas Carne Guisada Meat And Gravy Recipe

vegetable oil, flour, cumin, +sirloin steak, +garlic, +chili powder, +water

Crispy Spicy French Fries

Delicious Zucchini French Fries

Fried Green Beans

flour, beer, vegetable oil, +black pepper, +green beans, +salt, +seasoning

Beer Batter Fish Fillets

beer, flour, vegetable oil, +baking powder, +cod fillet, +dill weed, +eggs, +milk, +salt
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