How to Cook Anything

Grilled 2-Potato Fries

cumin, vegetable oil, +chipotle peppers, +potato, +salt, +sweet potato

Avocado Fries

vegetable oil, flour, +kosher salt, +eggs, +panko, +avocado

Aubergine French Fries Recipe

flour, vegetable oil, +french fries, +eggs, +cracker crumbs, +salt

Zucchini Fries

Do at Home Onion Rings

flour, vegetable oil, +baking powder, +eggs, +milk, +salt, +onions

Fried Green Beans - the Neelys

flour, beer, vegetable oil, +green beans, +black pepper, +salt

Chili Fries Recipe

cumin, vegetable oil, +potato, +chili, +chili powder, +salt

French Fries
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