How to Cook Anything

Five Points Home Fries

olive oil, garlic, onions, +black pepper, +paprika, +potato, +salt

Avocado Fries With Chipotle Ketchup

onions, chinese five spice powder, olive oil, garlic, +flour, +panko, +chipotle pepper, +coriander, +brown sugar, +milk, +cider vinegar, +avocado, +eggs, +roma tomato, +vegetable oil

Frijoles (Mexican Style Pinto Beans)

cumin, garlic, olive oil, onions, +pinto beans, +salt, +pork chops, +serrano pepper, +water

Golden Lentil Soup

garlic, cumin, olive oil, onions, +carrot, +celery, +red lentils, +coriander, +turmeric, +salt, +vegetable broth

Samosa Soup

cumin, garlic, olive oil, onions, +cayenne, +cilantro, +peas, +garam masala, +yogurt, +potato, +vegetable broth
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