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Craze-E Good Turkey Chili - 4 Qt Crock Pot

chicken bouillon, garlic, cumin, turkey, beer, onions, +bacon, +black beans, +chili powder, +adobo seasoning, +tomato, +italian seasoning, +paprika, +water

Five Points Home Fries

garlic, onions, salt, +black pepper, +olive oil, +paprika, +potato

Chunky Turkey Vegetable Chili (Crock Pot)

garlic, cumin, turkey, onions, salt, +black beans, +chili powder, +tomato, +corn, +green pepper, +salsa

Red And White Chili Recipe

turkey, garlic, onions, cumin, salt, +chicken broth, +jalapeno, +red pepper

Home-Style Country Sausage

garlic, turkey, onions, salt, +allspice, +rice, +cayenne, +thyme, +black pepper, +sage, +apple

Fries for Jules

cumin, garlic, onions, salt, +vegetable oil, +paprika, +sweet potato

Home Fries Breakfast Recipe

garlic, onions, salt, +cheese, +green pepper, +potato, +chives

Home-Style Turkey

turkey, onions, salt, chicken bouillon, +parsley, +water, +butter
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