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Elswet's Deluxe Spanish Rice

olives, cumin, green onion, salt, tomato, tomato sauce, +green pepper, +rice, +cayenne, +celery, +chicken broth, +chili powder, +cream cheese, +garlic, +onions, +olive oil

Home At Six Soup

Fresh Salsa

green onion, olives, salt, tomato, +cilantro, +green chilies, +hot sauce, +olive oil, +white wine vinegar

Easy Chili With Beans

cumin, tomato, salt, tomato sauce, +cayenne, +chili powder, +garlic powder, +ground beef, +beans

Crockpot Beef Chili Recipe

tomato sauce, tomato, cumin, salt, +beef, +beef broth, +black beans, +salsa, +black pepper, +chili powder

Wet Fries Recipe

olives, tomato, green onion, +beans, +jalapeno, +green chilies, +sour cream
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