How to Cook Anything

Home Fries

potato, black pepper, +red onions, +garlic, +thyme, +salt, +olive oil

Potato and Parsnip Home Fries

potato, black pepper, +parsnip, +butter, +onions, +salt, +paprika

Chili Fries

Barbecue Fries

black pepper, hot sauce, potato, +barbecue sauce, +cumin, +olive oil, +paprika, +sour cream

Home Style Jerky Recipe

black pepper, onion powder, hot sauce, +garlic powder, +salt, +sirloin steak, +soy sauce, +worcestershire sauce

Oven French Fries

vegetable oil, potato, black pepper, +monterey jack cheese, +parmesan cheese, +garlic powder, +paprika, +salt

Home Style Barbecue Sauce

mustard, hot sauce, onion powder, +worcestershire sauce, +brown sugar, +yogurt, +ketchup, +garlic powder

Spicy Oven Fries

potato, onion powder, black pepper, +chili powder, +parmesan cheese, +shortening, +garlic salt, +salt
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