How to Cook Anything

Death by Wings

beer, black pepper, hot sauce, jalapeno, +balsamic vinegar, +cayenne, +chicken, +habanero pepper, +salt, +worcestershire sauce

American Fries Recipe

onion powder, black pepper, potato, +garlic powder, +paprika, +salt, +nonstick cooking spray

Brown Sugar-Baked Chicken & Oven Fries Recipe

potato, black pepper, vegetable oil, +chicken drumstick, +orange zest, +brown sugar, +salt

Bacon and Cabbage Home Fries

Low Fat French Fries Recipe

black pepper, vegetable oil, potato, +cayenne, +garlic powder, +paprika, +sea salt

Ken's Home Made Jerky

hot sauce, onion powder, black pepper, +soy sauce, +liquid smoke flavoring, +salt, +worchestershire sauce

Baked Steak Fries

potato, black pepper, onion powder, +thyme, +paprika, +beef bouillon granules, +garlic powder

Oven Baked Fries

vegetable oil, potato, black pepper, +parmesan cheese, +garlic powder, +salt, +paprika

Cheese Fries

potato, vegetable oil, black pepper, +parmesan cheese, +salt, +garlic powder, +paprika
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