How to Cook Anything

Death By Home Fries

green pepper, hot sauce, black pepper, +bacon grease, +butter, +cheese, +garlic, +onions, +paprika, +potato, +salt, +tomato

Sweet Potato Home Fries Recipe

parmesan cheese, black pepper, green pepper, +green onion, +ham, +garlic, +garlic salt, +cilantro, +paprika, +sweet potato, +vegetable oil

Home Economics Class Pasta and Beef Strips

green pepper, parmesan cheese, black pepper, +basil, +mushroom, +garlic, +vegetable oil, +onions, +oregano, +pasta, +steak, +thyme, +tomato

Jerky Home Style

sauce, black pepper, hot sauce, +sirloin steak, +soy sauce, +onion powder, +garlic powder, +salt
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