How to Cook Anything

Pecan Oatmeal Pancakes

pecan, salad greens, brown sugar, butter, +flour, +oatmeal, +milk, +eggs, +salt, +baking powder

Coconut Cream Mango Pancakes

ginger, pecan, brown sugar, butter, +flour, +salt, +egg, +cream of coconut, +milk, +water, +mango

Gingerbread Oven Pancakes W/banana Sauce

butter, sugar, ginger, brown sugar, +water, +molasses, +eggs, +flour, +cinnamon, +lemon juice, +banana

Fluffy Pecan Pancakes

Best Apple Pie Jam

brown sugar, butter, ginger, sugar, +apple, +cinnamon, +dry pectin, +lemon juice, +nutmeg
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