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Mom's Sunday - Quick German Pancakes

milk, powdered sugar, butter, +apple pie filling, +flour, +eggs, +salt

Puffed Apple Pancakes

butter, milk, maple syrup, +egg, +flour, +apple, +lemon juice

David's Oven Pancakes

milk, powdered sugar, butter, +flour, +semisweet chocolate chips, +cinnamon, +eggs

Corn Pancakes with Maple Fruit Compote

butter, buttermilk, milk, +cornmeal, +salt, +baking soda, +flour

Dutch Babies Aka Puffy Pancakes

butter, milk, powdered sugar, +eggs, +flour, +sugar, +salt

Drunken Sailor Pancakes

butter, maple syrup, milk, +baking soda, +eggs, +flour, +rum, +salt, +sugar, +vegetable oil, +yeast

Banana and Pecan Pancakes

buttermilk, pecan, butter, +banana, +eggs, +vanilla extract, +flour, +sugar

Pineapple Pancakes Recipe

butter, maple syrup, milk, +cream, +eggs, +flour, +pineapple, +sugar
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