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Pancake Day pancakes

milk, vegetable oil, butter, +flour, +salt, +eggs, +water, +caster sugar, +lemon juice, +lemon

Pancakes with maple syrup

Pancakes with jam and banana

milk, vegetable oil, butter, +flour, +eggs, +raspberry jam, +banana, +sauce, +cream, +chocolate

Buttermilk plum pancakes

buttermilk, milk, vegetable oil, +eggs, +baking soda, +flour, +caster sugar, +spices, +plum, +honey

Redcurrant and parsnip souffle pancakes

milk, vegetable oil, black pepper, +pancakes, +flour, +eggs, +parsnip, +cornflour, +jelly, +egg whites

Blini (Russian Raised Pancakes)

milk, butter, vegetable oil, +yeast, +flour, +egg, +sugar, +salt, +caviar, +sour cream

Two-Grain Pancakes

milk, butter, vegetable oil, +cornmeal, +flour, +baking powder, +sugar, +salt, +eggs, +maple syrup

Fladle Uberbacken (Swabian Pancakes)

milk, vegetable oil, butter, +flour, +eggs, +salt, +applesauce, +raisins, +sugar, +almond
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