How to Cook Anything

Pancakes with crushed apples

butter, lemon juice, apple, +flour, +baking powder, +salt, +milk, +eggs, +powdered sugar

Blueberry Oat Waffles

brown sugar, lemon juice, pecan, vegetable oil, +baking powder, +blueberries, +eggs, +flour, +milk, +oats, +salt

Cinnamon, Brown Sugar Pancakes

brown sugar, butter, vegetable oil, +pancake mix, +cinnamon, +water

Baked Apple Pancakes

apple, butter, lemon juice, +eggs, +flour, +milk, +salt, +sugar

Curried Shrimp Pancakes Recipe

vegetable oil, apple, lemon juice, +shrimp, +celery, +onions, +raisins, +curry powder, +pancakes, +half and half

Oaty Pancakes

apple, vegetable oil, brown sugar, +milk, +rolled oat, +eggs, +flour, +baking powder, +salt
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