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Cheesy Apple Pancakes

pancake mix, maple syrup, +milk, +cheddar cheese, +apple, +berries

Pleasin' Peanut Pancakes

pancake mix, maple syrup, +peanuts, +milk, +egg whites, +strawberries

Lacy Potato Pancakes With Chives

butter, vegetable oil, +black pepper, +chives, +potato, +salt

Apple Ring Pancakes

vegetable oil, pancake mix, +cinnamon, +eggs, +apple, +milk

Blender Pancakes Recipe

Lacey Potato And Chive Pancakes Recipe

butter, vegetable oil, +black pepper, +potato, +chives, +salt

Campside Beer Pancakes

vegetable oil, maple syrup, +pine nuts, +currant, +beer, +eggs
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