How to Cook Anything

Camie's Sweet and Spicy Special BBQ Sauce

cayenne, mustard powder, garlic powder, worcestershire sauce, +brown sugar, +butter, +red pepper flakes, +cumin, +onion powder, +oregano, +red wine vinegar, +salt, +tomato sauce, +water

Baked Beans ( Using Can of Pork and Beans)

mustard powder, worcestershire sauce, +bacon, +brown sugar, +ketchup, +onions, +pork chops

Black and Red Fiesta Beans with Rice

cayenne, garlic powder, +cumin, +oregano, +thyme, +rice, +onions, +salsa, +black pepper

Red Beans And Rice

cayenne, worcestershire sauce, +bouillon, +garlic, +onions, +red beans, +rice, +hot sauce, +turkey sausage

Brat, Beer and Cheese Soup

garlic powder, mustard powder, cayenne, worcestershire sauce, +beer, +bratwurst, +carrot, +celery, +chicken broth, +flour, +black pepper, +half and half, +olive oil, +onions, +potato, +salt, +cheddar cheese
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