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Fresh Garden Salsa

Fresh Vegetable Scallop Salad

sea scallops, lime juice, hot sauce, cucumber, +green onion, +coriander, +olive oil, +garlic, +salt, +lettuce, +red pepper, +tomato

Seared Scallops with Tropical Salsa

cucumber, lime juice, sea scallops, +jalapeno, +red pepper, +salt

Fresh & Healthy Mango and Cucumber Salsa

cucumber, lime juice, +cilantro, +jalapeno, +mango, +red onions

Fresh Tomato Salsa

lime juice, hot sauce, +coriander, +onions, +green onion, +tomato

Fresh Salsa

Fresh Salsa

hot sauce, lime juice, +cumin, +cilantro, +garlic, +jalapeno, +onions, +salt, +tomato

Mango Salsa Recipe

cucumber, lime juice, hot sauce, +mango, +red pepper, +red onions, +cilantro, +olive oil, +salt

Christina's Fresh Salsa
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