How to Cook Anything

Fried Stuffed Rice Balls

vegetable oil, eggs, flour, +mushroom, +bread crumbs

Salmon, Rice, and Fried Tomatoes

eggs, flour, vegetable oil, +dill weed, +lemon pepper, +rice, +salmon, +tomato, +water

Fried Rice

eggs, vegetable oil, +ham, +rice, +ginger, +garlic, +onions, +peas, +salt, +green onion

Aunt Clara's Rice Balls

Wild Rice Pecan Waffles

eggs, flour, vegetable oil, +baking powder, +milk, +pecan, +salt, +rice

Blueberry Wild Rice Muffins Recipe

eggs, vegetable oil, flour, +rice, +lowfat milk, +salt, +sugar, +blueberries
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