How to Cook Anything

Dilly Ham and Eggs

cheddar cheese, green onion, green pepper, +ham, +butter, +dill weed, +basil, +eggs, +milk, +onions, +black pepper, +picante sauce, +salt, +sour cream

New Orleans Style Poached Eggs

green pepper, cheddar cheese, green onion, +english muffin, +seasoning, +soup, +eggs, +tomato soup

Eggs & Hash Browns Burritos

green onion, cheddar cheese, green pepper, +potato, +picante sauce, +eggs, +flour tortillas, +garlic, +butter, +salt

Extreme Veggie Scrambled Eggs

cheddar cheese, green pepper, +eggs, +milk, +olive oil, +onions

Vegetable Scrambled Eggs

green onion, green pepper, +eggs, +milk, +black pepper, +salt, +tomato

Confetti Scrambled Eggs

green pepper, cheddar cheese, +nonstick cooking spray, +eggs, +onions, +salt, +skim milk
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