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Gruene Bohnen (German Green Beans)

bacon, mushroom, parsley, green beans, +flour, +apple cider vinegar, +butter, +sour cream, +sugar, +half and half, +onions

Great Green Beans

bacon, mushroom, green beans, +garlic, +soy sauce

Gourmet Green Beans

bacon, green beans, mushroom, +garlic, +onions, +parmesan cheese, +white wine

Green Beans With Sour Cream

green beans, mushroom, parsley, +butter, +sour cream, +salt

Green Bean Casserole

bacon, green beans, mushroom, +cheddar cheese, +cream of mushroom soup, +onion rings

Green Beans with Smoked Bacon

green beans, bacon, parsley, +yellow onions, +red wine vinegar, +sugar

Delicious Green Beans
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