How to Cook Anything

Bolognese Sauce (Meat Sauce)

olive oil, onions, tomato paste, +beef, +sausage, +garlic, +carrot, +celery, +tomato puree, +tomato, +water, +salt

Seafood With Fettuccine And Sauce

onions, olive oil, tomato paste, +garlic, +squid, +sea scallops, +shrimp, +fettuccine, +mushroom, +tomato

Kittencal's Pizza Sauce

olive oil, onions, tomato paste, +black pepper, +tomato, +italian seasoning, +garlic, +oregano, +salt, +sugar

Homemade Italian Sauce

olive oil, tomato paste, onions, +basil, +oregano, +garlic, +green pepper, +mushroom

Double Bean With Chili And Tomato Sauce Recipe

onions, tomato paste, olive oil, +chilli, +cayenne, +soy sauce
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