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Scott's Seafood Chowder Recipe

butter, clam juice, old bay seasoning, onions, potato, corn, +bacon, +bay leaves, +carrot, +celery, +clams, +flour, +liqueur, +green onion, +half and half, +sausage, +shrimp, +pork chops, +thyme, +crab meat, +white pepper

Cajun Seafood Gumbo

Low Country Seafood "Boil"

corn, potato, onions, butter, hot sauce, +flour, +shrimp, +turkey sausage

Corn-and-Potato Seafood Chowder

potato, butter, onions, corn, hot sauce, +yellow onions, +crabmeat, +clams, +evaporated milk, +garlic, +green onion, +parsley, +salt

Easy Brunswick Stew

butter, corn, hot sauce, potato, onions, +beef, +chicken, +tomato, +salt, +sugar
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