How to Cook Anything

Mexican Seafood Cocktail

clam juice, hot sauce, onions, +saltines, +california, +ketchup, +shrimp, +crabmeat, +lime juice, +salt

Vodka Sauce For Pasta Recipe

hot sauce, onions, butter, +heavy cream, +vodka

Vodka Sauce For Pasta

hot sauce, onions, butter, +heavy cream, +vodka

Garlic Potatoes With Cheese Sauce

potato, onions, butter, +cheddar cheese, +garlic

Buffalo Wing Sauce

Potatoes With Sour Cream Sauce

potato, onions, butter, +sour cream, +salt

Seafood Bisque Recipe

onions, butter, potato, +mushroom, +clams, +shrimp, +crabmeat, +flour, +salt, +celery seed
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