How to Cook Anything

Black Beans and Rice

oregano, garlic, lemon juice, green pepper, +black beans, +rice, +nonstick cooking spray, +rum, +orange juice, +cumin, +onions, +salt, +tomato

Gazpacho Rice Salad Ring

lemon juice, garlic, oregano, green pepper, +sherry vinegar, +zest, +paprika, +cumin, +salt, +red pepper, +olive oil, +rice, +tomato, +cucumber, +green onion

Sweet Pepper Rice

Arroz Mexicana (Mexican Rice)

garlic, green pepper, oregano, +broth, +carrot, +corn, +cumin, +chili powder, +olive oil, +onions, +peas, +rice, +tomato

Hot And Spicey Rice Recipe

garlic, green pepper, oregano, +cayenne, +onions, +rice, +tomato, +vegetable oil, +water
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