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Feta And Sundried Tomato Souffle Omelette

water, tomato paste, tomato, +eggs, +butter, +feta cheese, +olives, +basil, +salt

Omelette Aux Moules

water, vegetable oil, tomato, +mussels, +butter, +leek, +black pepper, +salt, +parsley, +eggs, +garlic

Chinese-style Omelette

vegetable oil, water, +eggs, +cilantro, +green onion, +oyster sauce, +salt

Floral Savoury Omelette Recipe

water, oregano, +eggs, +garlic powder, +squash

Blue cheese omelette

tomato, vegetable oil, +eggs, +spinach, +onions, +blue cheese

Baked Mushroom Omelette

Egg Omelette

Omelette Rice Omurice Recipe

tomato, vegetable oil, +rice, +chicken, +eggs, +green pepper, +onions, +ketchup
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