How to Cook Anything

Fries With Parsley Butter

parsley, butter, +garlic, +sea salt, +french fries

Dutch Potatoes

butter, onions, potato, +chives, +carrot, +salt, +sour cream

Baked Lemon Fries

Corn Chowder

butter, onions, potato, +milk, +black pepper, +salt, +water

Slow-Cooked Corn Chowder

butter, parsley, onions, +ham, +corn, +milk, +salt

Savoury Filled (Stuffed) Tomatoes

butter, onions, parsley, +bacon, +bread crumbs, +black pepper, +tomato

Baked Creamy Potato Casserole

butter, onions, potato, +black pepper, +milk, +parmesan cheese, +salt

Savory Oven French Fries

Vicki's Gourmet Potatoes

butter, onions, potato, +cheese, +cream cheese, +garlic salt, +salt, +sour cream
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