How to Cook Anything

Clam Chowder - New England Home Style

onions, potato, butter, +bacon, +water, +salt, +black pepper, +clams, +milk

Curried New Potato & Pea Soup

butter, red pepper flakes, potato, onions, +flour, +chicken broth, +curry powder, +garam masala, +garlic, +peas, +salt, +sugar, +whole milk

Home-Style Chicken and Sausage

onions, potato, red pepper flakes, +chicken, +green beans, +oregano, +olive oil, +black pepper, +salt, +water

Home-Style Pot Pie

Totally Tangy Baked French Fries

chili powder, red pepper flakes, potato, +salt, +black pepper, +cayenne, +garlic, +lime juice, +dijon mustard, +olive oil
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