How to Cook Anything

Unique Shrimp Scampi Recipe

cayenne, garlic powder, parsley, butter, shrimp, +chicken broth, +lemon juice, +cornstarch, +oregano, +salt, +basil

Home Fries

butter, parsley, +potato, +olive oil, +seeds, +shallot

Home Fries

garlic powder, butter, +potato, +paprika


cayenne, garlic powder, hamburger, parsley, +elbow macaroni, +onions, +salt, +tomato sauce

Crab Potato Bake Recipe

butter, cayenne, garlic powder, parsley, +crab meat, +green onion, +half and half, +paprika, +potato, +cheddar cheese

Oven French Fries

butter, garlic powder, parsley, +potato, +salt, +parmesan cheese, +vegetable oil
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