How to Cook Anything

Ancho Chile Fries

black pepper, garlic, +potato, +chili powder, +olive oil, +salt, +sugar

Fries With Parsley Butter

parsley, garlic, +sea salt, +french fries, +butter

Baked French Fry Crispy

parsley, garlic, black pepper, +french fries, +half and half, +salt, +cheddar cheese

Stuffed Red Peppers For Sukkah Recipe

garlic, parsley, black pepper, +bread crumbs, +red pepper, +sea salt, +zucchini

Electric Chimichurri Sauce

parsley, garlic, black pepper, +red pepper flakes, +olive oil, +salt, +water, +white vinegar

Texas Ranch Dressing

black pepper, garlic, parsley, +buttermilk, +mayonnaise, +onions, +salt, +white vinegar

Basil Garlic Oven Fries

Garlicky Oven Fries

parsley, garlic, +vegetable oil, +olive oil, +potato
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