How to Cook Anything

Fries With Parsley Butter

parsley, garlic, sea salt, french fries, butter

Kids moules mariniere with French fries

onions, garlic, sea salt, parsley, french fries, +mussels, +vegetable broth, +cream, +potato, +vegetable oil

Death By Home Fries

Steve's Famous Garlic Home Fries

butter, garlic, paprika, +black pepper, +salt

Five Points Home Fries

garlic, onions, paprika, +black pepper, +olive oil, +potato, +salt

Brit's Cheesy Onion Home Fries

butter, onions, parsley, +black pepper, +potato, +salt, +cheddar cheese

Garlicky French Fries

butter, parsley, french fries, garlic, +nonstick cooking spray, +parmesan cheese, +salt, +vegetable oil

Unbelievable BBQ

garlic, onions, paprika, sea salt, white wine vinegar, +black pepper, +brown sugar, +ketchup, +cayenne, +liquid smoke flavoring, +molasses, +whiskey, +worcestershire sauce
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