How to Cook Anything

Home Fries

olive oil, parsley, +potato, +butter, +seeds, +shallot

Zesty Home Fries

Home Style Split Pea Soup Recipe

carrot, white pepper, parsley, +ham, +onions, +celery, +split peas, +water, +tarragon, +salt

Butternut Squash Soup - Vegan

carrot, olive oil, parsley, white pepper, +bay leaf, +yellow squash, +celery, +sherry, +nutmeg, +onions, +paprika, +salt, +vegetable broth

Bacon and Cabbage Home Fries

olive oil, red onions, +bacon, +potato, +black pepper, +salt, +savoy cabbage

Home Fries

red onions, olive oil, +potato, +garlic, +thyme, +salt, +black pepper

Chef Wendell's Quick Salmon Penne

olive oil, parsley, red onions, white pepper, +ginger, +garlic, +parmesan cheese, +penne, +salmon, +soymilk, +spinach
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