How to Cook Anything

Home Made Soup My Way Recipe

parsley, tomato juice, lima beans, onions, +baby carrot, +cabbage, +beef, +green beans, +peas, +salt, +tomato, +water

Down Home Beef And Barley Soup Recipe

carrot, lima beans, onions, parsley, +beef broth, +dill weed, +peas, +garlic, +beef, +mushroom, +barley, +salt, +water

Home Cooked Vegetables

onions, carrot, parsley, +bouillon cube, +water, +seasoning, +celery

Merritt Family Two Hour Turkey

carrot, onions, parsley, tomato juice, +cognac, +rosemary, +lemon pepper, +orange, +salt, +vegetable oil, +white wine
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