How to Cook Anything

Savory Oven French Fries

parsley, italian dressing, vegetable oil, +potato

Zesty Home Fries

italian dressing, parsley, +potato, +black pepper, +red onions, +bacon, +cheddar cheese

Broiled Home Fries

Cimarron Home Fries

seasoning, vegetable oil, +onions, +black pepper, +potato, +salt

Garlicky Oven Fries

vegetable oil, parsley, +garlic, +olive oil, +potato

Parmesan And Chili Fries Recipe

vegetable oil, parsley, +potato, +red pepper flakes, +white pepper

Mexican Zucchini Oven Fries

seasoning, vegetable oil, +chili sauce, +oregano, +cumin, +zucchini
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