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Hamburger Pie

rice, garlic, onions, hamburger, +seasoning, +colby cheese, +onion powder, +pie crust, +potato

Easy Hamburger Casserole

Hamburger and Rice Dinner

rice, garlic, hamburger, onions, +water, +tomato paste, +corn, +tomato, +brown sugar, +chili powder

Hamburger Scramble Recipe

hamburger, onions, rice, +celery, +tomato, +green pepper

Hamburger Hotdish Recipe

hamburger, onions, rice, +carrot, +potato, +vegetable soup, +salt

Hamburger Casserole II

hamburger, onions, rice, +potato, +salt, +tomato

Hamburger Pie Recipe

hamburger, onions, garlic, +salt, +black pepper, +tomato, +parsley, +cheese
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