How to Cook Anything

Eggs Fantastic

cheddar cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, +eggs, +mushroom, +sausage, +onions, +mozzarella cheese, +black pepper

Decadent Deviled Eggs

Eggs Florentinesque

shallot, spinach, sour cream, +butter, +garlic, +eggs, +lemon juice, +red pepper, +toast

Individual Baked Eggs

bacon, cheddar cheese, +butter, +eggs

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs

bacon, cheddar cheese, +eggs, +mayonnaise, +mustard

The Lady's Perfect Scrambled Eggs ( Paula Deen )

cheddar cheese, sour cream, +butter, +eggs, +salt, +water

Creamy Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

cheddar cheese, cheese, +butter, +eggs, +salt
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