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South African Curried Eggs

Curried Eggs

flour, eggs, onions, sugar, +banana, +butter, +curry powder, +fruit chutney, +milk, +salt, +vinegar

Spanish Deviled Eggs For Two Recipe

eggs, onions, flour, sugar, +tomato, +bread crumbs, +green pepper, +butter

Eggs in Tarragon Cream

shallot, flour, tarragon, eggs, +butter, +salt, +half and half, +biscuit, +parsley

Baked Eggs with Tomatoes

onions, flour, sugar, eggs, +butter, +tomato, +salt, +black pepper, +cheddar cheese

Eggs in Meurette

eggs, flour, onions, shallot, +bacon, +bread, +garlic, +black pepper, +burgundy wine, +salt

South African Curried Eggs Recipe

flour, eggs, onions, sugar, +vinegar, +butter, +curry powder, +black pepper, +salt, +water
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