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Creamy Smoked Salmon-Scrambled Eggs over Asiago Potato Pancakes

pancakes, heavy cream, chives, shallot, black pepper, +eggs, +olive oil, +salmon, +sour cream

Cheese Sauce for Sue L's Scrambled Eggs #107476

chives, heavy cream, black pepper, +american cheese

Shirred Eggs

heavy cream, black pepper, chives, +butter, +eggs, +salt, +parmesan cheese

Delicious Deviled Eggs

chives, black pepper, shallot, +eggs, +mayonnaise, +paprika, +salt, +mustard

Scrambled Eggs with Crab and Asparagus Tips

black pepper, heavy cream, chives, +asparagus, +eggs, +crab claws, +butter

Tejas Creamed Eggs Recipe

black pepper, chives, heavy cream, +eggs, +romano cheese, +salt, +butter
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