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Eggs Changua Style

green onion, bacon, chicken broth, +cilantro, +milk, +eggs

Son-in-law Eggs Khai Look Koey Recipe

chicken broth, green onion, shallot, +eggs, +cloves, +brown sugar, +cilantro, +sauce, +thai chile, +fish sauce, +vegetable oil

Eggs Baked in Red Wine

bacon, chicken broth, shallot, +eggs, +flour, +garlic, +bread, +kosher salt, +red wine, +butter

Eggs Baked In Red Wine Recipe

Creamed Eggs Recipe

bacon, green onion, +milk, +eggs, +flour

Deviled Eggs With Bacon

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon Loaf

green onion, bacon, +eggs, +milk, +pizza crust, +cheddar cheese
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