How to Cook Anything

Eggs in Meurette

bacon, bread, onions, shallot, +eggs, +flour, +garlic, +black pepper, +burgundy wine, +salt

Russian Hash and Eggs

bread, bacon, onions, +butter, +black pepper, +eggs, +dill weed

Eggs Benedict Casserole

bread, onions, bacon, +green pepper, +milk, +eggs, +mushroom, +salt

Eggs Baked in Red Wine

Bachelors Bacon Egg Onion Sandwich Recipe

onions, bread, bacon, +eggs, +miracle whip

Fried Bread and Eggs

bread, onions, +eggs, +olive oil, +salt, +water

Eggs in Muffin Cups

bacon, bread, +butter, +eggs

Fried Potatoes and Eggs

bread, onions, +eggs, +potato, +salt
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