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Deviled Eggs Recipe

eggs, mustard, red pepper, green onion, +baby carrot, +water, +egg yolks, +pastry, +sugar

Crunchy Garden Vegetable Deviled Eggs Recipe

eggs, green onion, mustard, red pepper, +mayonnaise, +salt

Garlic Deviled Eggs

eggs, green onion, mustard, +garlic, +mayonnaise, +paprika, +salt

Deviled Eggs With Bacon

green onion, eggs, mustard, +bacon, +black pepper, +mayonnaise, +paprika, +salt

Firecracker Deviled Eggs

green onion, eggs, red pepper, +olives, +lemon juice, +salsa, +parsley, +sour cream

Easter Eggs/ Christmas Eggs.

eggs, mustard, +mayonnaise, +vinegar
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