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Eggs And Prosciutto Recipe

garlic, spinach, black pepper, olive oil, +eggs, +bread, +prosciutto

Creamy Smoked Salmon-Scrambled Eggs over Asiago Potato Pancakes

olive oil, shallot, sour cream, black pepper, +pancakes, +eggs, +heavy cream, +chives, +salmon

Spinach Pesto Scrambled Eggs on Garlic Brioche with Country Ham

garlic, black pepper, shallot, spinach, +butter, +eggs, +heavy cream

Turkish Eggs

black pepper, olive oil, garlic, spinach, +eggs, +paprika, +yogurt, +sea salt

Scrambled Eggs and Beef

garlic, olive oil, black pepper, spinach, +eggs, +mushroom, +beef, +onions, +salt

Eggs Florentinesque

shallot, garlic, spinach, sour cream, +butter, +eggs, +lemon juice, +red pepper, +toast

Garlicky Eggs

coriander, cilantro, garlic, olive oil, +tomato, +cumin, +eggs, +ginger, +salt
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