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Spinach-stuffed Eggs

cream cheese, spinach, green onion, parmesan cheese, +cayenne, +chives, +eggs, +salt, +sour cream

Green & White Scrambled Eggs - or Scrambled Eggs With Cream

cream cheese, green onion, +eggs, +butter

Spinach Stuffed Eggs Recipe

cream cheese, parmesan cheese, green onion, +cayenne, +chives, +eggs, +salt, +sour cream

Greek Scrambled Eggs

Spinach Stuffed Eggs

cream cheese, spinach, parmesan cheese, +cream, +eggs, +salt

Scrambled Eggs Mornay Recipe

cream cheese, parmesan cheese, spinach, +flour, +egg yolks, +eggs, +milk, +nutmeg, +parsley, +pastry shells, +swiss cheese, +butter, +water

Eggs Italiano

Scrambled Eggs Mornay

spinach, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, +pastry shells, +water, +butter, +nutmeg, +eggs, +flour, +milk, +swiss cheese, +egg yolks, +parsley
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