How to Cook Anything

Spicy Scrambled Eggs (Ww)

egg whites, eggs, black pepper, shallot, +chili powder, +nonstick cooking spray, +oregano, +cumin, +jalapeno, +lime juice, +salt, +tomato

Lightly Scrambled Eggs

egg whites, eggs, milk, black pepper, +food coloring, +green onion, +cheddar cheese, +salt, +sour cream

Nopalitos con Huevos (Cactus with Eggs)

eggs, egg whites, milk, black pepper, +salt, +nonstick cooking spray, +onions, +tomato, +corn tortillas, +cilantro

Carm's Favorite Scrambled Eggs

milk, egg whites, eggs, black pepper, +baking powder, +butter, +american cheese, +nonstick cooking spray, +salt

Whispery Eggs with Crabmeat and Herbs

eggs, egg whites, black pepper, shallot, +sea salt, +butter, +olive oil, +parsley, +tarragon, +thyme, +crabmeat, +french bread, +hot sauce

Eggs Benedict

white wine, black pepper, shallot, eggs, +sauce, +white wine vinegar, +butter, +egg yolks, +english muffin, +ham

Elegant Scrambled Eggs

white wine, eggs, black pepper, shallot, +avocado, +butter, +chicken, +half and half, +lemon juice, +mushroom, +salt
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